The Ranch

Located on 106 bucolic acres near the central coast of California, Sweetbeau provides the ideal location for the untouched mustangs. Horses can be desensitized with obstacles, trail riding, dogs, ranch equipment, people, livestock, and even solar panels.


Jess Sibert
- Ranch Manager/ Trainer/ Coordinator

Jess moved to California from New Jersey in November 2018 to join Sweetbeau Horses. She is one of the two trainers here, ranch manager, and program coordinator.

Jess’s background with horses contains primarily Off The Track Thoroughbreds (OTTB). After receiving her first OTTB project, she then went to work for a rescue, retraining ex racehorses to ready them for their new homes. When she moved to New Jersey, she rescued a few horses from kill pens at auctions, destined for slaughter. She’s always had a passion for saving the misfortunate and advocating for the voiceless, so she was thrilled to join the Sweetbeau team where she could combine her skills and passions for a greater good. Her three Huskies are the resident oddball ranch dogs.