Our Training Philosophy

We employ natural horsemanship methods that inspire acceptance vs. submission. Our strategy includes positive reinforcement that rewards curiosity, invites play and games, includes obstacle courses, desensitization, and on average, six months under saddle. We incorporate liberty training to establish a true partnership. The training the mustangs receive here adheres to a level of skill requiring an intermediate level of horse experience. Our mustangs are safe and versatile and can go in many directions.


Too often, mustangs come with some level of a traumatic experience. Taken from their way of life, they have been separated from everything they have known, including family and freedom of choice. Often afraid, angry or just shut down from the outside world, these horses have a long journey ahead of them to recover. Our training methods are not only designed to turn out a well-trained performance horse, but as importantly, to change their fears to trust, their loss to hope and their sorrow to joy. Our ranch provides sanctuary upon arrival in spacious turnouts with 6ft. paneled fencing, where they begin their healing and gentling process. Our mustangs are 3 to 6 years old and gelded before we begin training. Gentled by volunteers and trainers who ensure that their experiences with humans are positive and accepting our reward is to see their spirits renewed and shine in their new world.

The ideal adopter for our horses is an intermediate and experienced horse person. Not because the horses are difficult, but because our training focuses on responding to leg and seat with very light hands. This also makes them great potential horses for liberty work.